Political Staff Communications Training


Expedite the learning curve for your team and prepare  them to perform at their best. This training will reduce the trial and error cycle for the Minister by introducing proven strategies to build trust and inspire confidence in the staff and the Minister. Customized for each team, these sessions are designed to meet team members where they’re at in their career and focuses on establishing rapport, support, and producing excellent, focused and purposeful work.

Background: Minister's offices are supported by smart, hardworking, and highly motivated and enthusiastic staff members. Their work is important, literally life changing, and overwhelming in sheer volume. Because of the long hours and high intensity, young people with the ability to dedicate the time required are usually the perfect candidates for these roles. For many political staffers, it's their first job or early work experience. Without the luxury of time, the learning curve can be anxiety inducing.

Opportunity: a Minister's entire communications team had transitioned, which is a common occurrence in the political world. However it left the Minister relying completely on the Chief of Staff for communications support. Once a replacement was on board, hiccups in the interactions created by a lack of rapport and understood processes left both parties feeling less confident in their work together.

Solution: there was an urgent need to establish trust and rapport immediately. This process required information gathering from everyone to understand each unique perspective and clearly identify any disconnections in their communications or processes. A training session on the Minister's narrative and preferred process further filled the gaps. By incorporating the Minister, the team was able to practice to recommendations together.

Outcome: An initially reluctant and experienced communications director immediately saw the value of having the support of an outside facilitator and the benefit or working through the narrative with an experienced communicator. This particular training also included some coaching on leading the team and managing the Minister's expectations.

Working together with the Minister and determining a clear process for interactions, particularly media preparation and issues management, helped to establish a greater level of confidence in what everyone was doing and how to best support the Minister and their Ministry colleagues.