Peak Performance Coaching Case Study

Opportunity: A talented and motivated emerging leader was seeking to grow within the company he had been at for 13 years. In the past six months, at his direct manager’s suggestion, he had unsuccessfully applied for two promotions.

While his employer valued him as an employee and knew he was ready for something more senior, they did not know how to accommodate him. His frustration with his stagnation at the company hit a fever pitch when we reached out for coaching.

Service: I determined an individual coaching engagement for six months would enable us to clearly identify the goal, address any obstacles and introduce new approaches to enable him to achieve the level of professional growth he desired.

Outcome: Almost immediately we identified simple yet effective changes to his approach that would allow him to have more say and influence in his future career path. Within months a new position became available, and we worked together to prepare for the interview. As a result, he won the promotion he deserved.

The approach

The process for coaching an individual begins with a thorough intake. I begin with a phone call to get a sense of fit. This approach is extremely important to a successful coaching engagement.

I ask clients to complete a detailed intake form to provide information about their background and a clear understanding of what makes them tick. This way we can get full value for our time together.

In our first session following the intake process, we work to identify a detailed goal that will define our work. Then, we start to unroot the barriers. In this case the client, self aware of his stoic demeanor, expressed frustration with his manager offering another pay raise with no real development opportunity. Although his manager gave praise, money and even suggested two more senior, less suitable roles, in my client’s opinion, she had failed to understand what he wanted.

It appeared, from an outsider's perspective that his manager was bending over backwards to figure out how to make this valuable employee feel appreciated and yet, he just wasn’t. We explored his expectations, his communications, and his approach to the situation, and it became apparent he wasn’t communicating his needs in any detail. Furthermore, he put all of the power for his future career in the hands of someone else and felt frustrated and helpless. In essence, he had handcuffed himself and agreed to apply for jobs he wasn’t even interested in and then became further irritated when he didn’t get them.

Once my client realized he could and should take more control over his own career path by more clearly articulating what he really wanted and proposing options to get there, he was visibly more relaxed. Now, he was suggesting stretch assignments, relying on data from previous performance reviews and identifying the benefits to the company if he moved into a leadership role. He was making progress, equipping his manager with the information and arguments to make on his behalf. He was demonstrating his own leadership skills along the way.

With an engaged manager and a clear plan, they identified an ideal promotion opportunity. My client, with the support of his manager, pursued it by improving his interview skills and making the case for his own success. He got and earned the leadership position by stepping up, taking control, and acting like a leader. 

In this case, my client was extremely talented, respected, motivated and valued by his company. He had everything he needed to be successful in his pursuit of a promotion; however patterns in the way he interacted with his manager and his perception of what was out of his control created a blind-spot and lots of frustration. Once we challenged this way of thinking and carved a new path, allowing him to take ownership of his own career, he easily earned the promotion he deserved.

The comments from the participants speak for themselves: 

“Coaching allowed for all my thoughts and intentions to be brought to light, discussed, organized, and structured into coherent plans and timelines. Each session was a relaxed but professional conversation that served to bring into focus professional change that I need to make in my life.”

“Crystal’s approach was always reasoned, reflective, and encouraging.  She displayed considerable insight into my thinking and instilled much confidence when her assessment of my statements lined up with my own thoughts and sentiments.”

“The most challenging part of the coaching process for me was opening up and sharing honestly what I was thinking and what frustrated me. There is always a vulnerability that is associated with sharing personal thoughts, but any concerns were quickly dispelled with the open and professional approach that Crystal followed.”

"Talking with Crystal is like talking with a really smart, really experienced, really honest friend. I like that I am given ‘homework’ to work on each session because I need that accountability to help me continue to move forward."

"I’ve had so many ‘A-Ha’ moments during my sessions with Crystal; she has incredible insights and an ability to focus in on the key issues."

Coaching can help you break unhealthy patterns that are holding you back and enable you to hit your peak performance with a new perspective. Let’s work together to ensure you realize your full potential.

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