Executive Onboarding


Propel has the experience and expertise in executive development and communications to equip new leaders with the rapport building strategy and the tools they need to earn trust, establish their personal brand and put them on the fast track to effectiveness through a comprehensive, customized onboarding plan.

Propel’s executive onboarding packages are always customized and may include the following components:

  • 90-day integration plan (internal and external)
  • Personal brand development
  • Executive coaching (6-12 months)
  • Personality/leadership assessment(s)
  • Media spokesperson training
  • Communications/message delivery/presentation training
  • Vision development and communications plan
  • Observation days/360 assessments

Propel’s deep foundation in corporate communications, knowledge of media relations, and years of experience working with and coaching C-Level executives come together to enable Propel to deliver a high value, comprehensive onboarding programs designed to quickly and effectively place new leaders on the path to success.