Introducing Propel Leadership Coaching

Leadership and strong communication skills go hand in hand.

With strong leadership coaching, any leader can be transformed into a powerful communicator. Teams can be elevated to deliver their best.

I created Propel Leadership Coaching to deliver consultative coaching services and professional development training unlike any other. In the simplest terms, Propel Leadership Coaching is your expert resource for communications consultancy, professional coaching and media and communications training.

Working together, you can expect to gain focused practical skills and experience stunning AHA moments and small changes that come with big impacts.

My style is often described as direct and approachable. This seemingly contradictory style is what sets me apart. I combine coaching, mentoring, and consulting to design a program customized for you and your team. Your experience with Propel Leadership Coaching is always packed with progress because together we identify and amplify your strengths to create new high performance habits.

Consider how a coach can transform your leadership style:

  • Improve your public speaking or media skills
  • Establish a new brand or the right connection for leaders who are new to your organization
  • Prepare emerging leaders with advanced communications and people leadership skills
  • Eliminate team politics or unbalanced experience that interferes with performance

Let's partner. I hold nothing back to set you up for success. My guidance and advice is goal focused and my progressive coaching style instils accountability to drive results. Leaving individuals and teams better off than where they started is more than a daylong event; it’s a commitment to embed skills that will serve you for your entire career.

Ready to supercharge your career with the support of a communications expert and professional coach? Let’s work together to propel you forward. Contact Propel for a free consultation today.

Certified Leadership Coach, Communications Consultant and Media Trainer Crystal Hyde.