HR REPORTER: 4 key questions about coaching

My goal is to make coaching accessible to everyone and understanding the process is an important step. I contributed an article to HR Reporter this month to take the mystery out of coaching and offer simple answers to common questions. Here's a sample:

Many people may have heard of professional coaching, but are unsure about how exactly it can help them or where to find a coach. So, here’s an overview answering four basic questions about this approach.

What is professional coaching?

Professional coaching is designed to focus on performance and help get people into their “zone” or ideal state to perform. Unlike therapy that deals with previous trauma, coaching looks at a person’s history only through an analytical lens of positivity to determine their unique ingredients for success, in an effort to propel them forward in their careers.

Why do people use coaches?

We all get stuck in our own natural ways of thinking and, as a result, we can find ourselves stuck for a number of reasons in our careers. Coaches help employees to identify those obstacles and partner with them to develop a plan of action to overcome them, and keep people moving towards their goals with incremental steps and accountability. That can include people who are at a crossroads in their career or cannot figure out how to get key promotions. Coaches will help them in trying to map out their next move. Coaching provides a level of clarity and certainty in people’s decision making that allows them to act thoughtfully with confidence.

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HR REPORTER: 4 key questions about coaching